Jeremy McGrath's Supercross World

(Last updated March 11, 2002)

  • Infinite turbo

    At the main menu, press R2, L1, Square, Circle(3). If you entered the code correctly, there will be a quick flash indicator in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

  • Low gravity

    At the main menu, press Up(4), R1, Square, Circle. If you entered the code correctly, there will be a quick flash indicator in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

  • All bikes

    Successfully complete the hardcore part of career mode to unlock all bikes.

    Game Shark Codes

    Master Code (Must Be On)0E3C7DF2 1645EBB3
    0C072FA3 F893D77F
    Press R1 to Turn Gravity OffEC4614DD F8FCF7FF
    3C102127 C648FEEE
    Press L1 to Turn Gravity OnEC4614DD F8FCF3FF
    3C102127 C648FEC6
    Disable A.I.3C0C9FBF FBDCFEF6
    Never Crash From Awkward Landings3C158AFF FBDCFEF6
    3C158A03 F8FCFEFE
    3C158C9F FBDCFEF6
    3C158CA3 F8FCFEFE
    All Challenges Completed5C22F987 F891FEF1
    Career Slot 1 Codes
    Infinite Skill Points1C22E3D5 F8FCFEF5
    Max Stats2C22E3D1 F8FCF9F5
    2C22E3D3 F8FCF9F5
    All Series, Tracks, Bikes Unlocked/All Trophies3C22E3DB F9FDFDF1
    3C22E3DF F9FDFDF1
    3C22E3E3 F9FDFDF1
    2C22E3E7 F8FCFDF1
    Enable Programmer's Codes [Note]
    Infinite Turbos2C21144B F8FCFEF1
    Moon Gravity2C21144B F8FCFEF0
    Big Head Mode2C21144B F8FCCEFE
    Tiny Mode2C21144B F8FCFDFE
    Infinite Turbo + Moon Gravity2C21144B F8FCFEF3
    Big Head + Tiny Mode2C21144B F8FCCDFE
    All Cheats On2C21144B F8FCCDF0

    Note: Only use one code at a time.

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