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A little cheating never hurt anyone! CheatWorld.com is back in 2005 killing all your gaming stress... With thousands of cheats for all platforms, Cheatworld.com is your one stop for all your cheating needs. Just select your system/console and browse the alphabetically ordered cheat list...

The site has been remapped a little... Updates are now stored in seperate sub pages... You'll figure it out. :)


A black preacher and a white preacher went on a hillside to
find out if God was black or white. The white preacher askes,
"God, are you black or white"? God responds, "I Am that I Am".
The white preacher says "He's white". The black preacher says,
"Why do you say that"?! The white preacher says, "If He were black,
He would have said, 'I Is that I Is'".